Why Choose Us

We Protect Your Privacy

STD testing is a private and personal matter. When you choose an STD testing company it’s important to know that they are protecting your privacy. The testing process at STD Testing San Francisco is confidential at every step. Your testing is never processed through your health insurance, ensuring your results are not retained on your permanent health record. Paying for your test is easy and discreet, and can be done by credit, debit, or a pre-paid gift card issued by a major bank. If you choose to pay with a personal credit or debit account, the charge will appear as “SFHT” on your billing statement to ensure maximum privacy.


Tests Are Accurate and Affordable

There are several options available to you at STD Testing San Francisco. We offer tests for specific infections as well as early detection testing and comprehensive panels that include all the most commonly occurring STDs. Our comprehensive panels allow us to offer tests at an even more affordable rate than choosing individual tests for specific sexually transmitted infections. STD Testing San Francisco uses only FDA-approved STD tests to provide you with results that you can be completely confident in.


Fast Results

Time spent waiting for test results can be time filled with anxiety and worry. We want you to have peace of mind as soon as possible. We have made the testing process faster by offering same-day and even Saturday testing appointments. The appointment itself will only take about 15 minutes from start to finish without the long wait you could experience if you choose another testing office or free clinic. You can call STD Testing San Francisco within 24-72 hours of your test to check your results.


Counselors Who Care

Our STD Testing San Francisco counselors are trained to be knowledgeable, sensitive and courteous while discussing any questions you may have about your sexual health or test results. We can provide guidance about what tests are best for your own personal needs and answer questions specific to possible symptoms, transmission, and treatment. If any of your results come back positive, we are here to help you start the process of treatment. Our physicians are available to call in a prescription to your pharmacy if needed.